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Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
If you are planning to take Oracle 11g certification, then following information is going to be useful for you. It includes ebooks, old practice paper, tips etc.
All the material available in this post is just for your practice and preparation.  

How to prepare for the certification
  • Read the 1Z0-051 ebook and practice each and every query on your system.
  • Read the Summary of each Chapter.
  • Do some mock test which are in the book to test your understanding.
  • You can refer to old test for understanding the format of the exam.
  • If you are not sure, read the book again and practice more. 

Exam Topics :

List to topics that need to be covered for the exam

Certification Path :

What would be the next certification after this or what you become after passing this exam? Remember to check this certification path.
1Z0-051 e book:
Click here to download pdf

Dumps link for Oracle Certification 

Clear here for the dumps
If this link not works, download from here 

Software for opening VCE files
Click here to download

1Z0-051 tips
Click here 

1Z0-051 pdf mock question answer
Click here to download question answer pdf .
Click here to download question answer pdf_1.

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Thanks for studying today!...


  1. this page:
    is not found!

  2. Raphael, that site has removed the dumps files. But i have uploaded some files, you can download it now.

  3. please share the link to download latest dumps file for 1Z0-051

  4. Replies
    1. Hello sir,
      I cant find your dumps for Izo-051? can you please share it again.
      thanks a ton!

  5. thanks man, I really apreciate your work

  6. Hey guys...

    I'm a working professional for IBM India Private Limited...

    I'm taking up the Oracle 1Z0-051 exam..
    Kindly help me with the below given queries..

    1. Duration of the Exam
    2. Passing Score as per 2013
    3. Will one get any certificate after passing this exam? If yes, Then how ?
    4. Kindly share me the dumps/tips/tricks required for passing this exam.

    It would be very helpful if you can send me an email on the queries....

    I'll be eagerly waiting for your reply..

    Thanks & Regards,
    Tejkumar G.K
    Email id:

    1. 1. Duration of the Exam
      (check the certification path link for more detail)
      2. Passing Score as per 2013
      (check the certification path link for more detail)
      3. Will one get any certificate after passing this exam? If yes, Then how ?
      Yes, you will get the hard copy by courier
      4. Kindly share me the dumps/tips/tricks required for passing this exam.
      (it already given in the post)

  7. Is it Valid now? Please anyone respond. Thanks.

  8. Man can you tell if this dump, is the last one or the last dump valid thank you for all this information,

  9. These dump are for practice and could help you a lot.

  10. Exam is easy,if u are clear with all the concepts..practice dumps as much as possible,u will find many ques from these..this blog is really helpful as u will get answers to many ques..nd the short notes prapared by Pradeep sir is really helpful for revision..Thanks Pradeed sir for help!!

  11. the dumps are vce and do you know any vce full version opener.

    1. Now link is available in the post.

    2. Hi Pardeep,

      Thanks for posting the link,but the links is not opening.

  12. Hi Pradeep,

    I will be giving 1z0-047 exam next month. Could you plz share dumps for that exam. or guide me as to where i can get them.
    Thank You. Youre help is highly appreciated.

  13. Very good information regarding the 1Z0-051 Certification Exam . I can provide the latest dumps. Mail me at to know more.

  14. For all oracle certification dumps contact me @

  15. Please email me dumps of 1z0-051 Oracle 11g SQL fundamentals at